This is a basic information page for Beads.js, a port of the Beads project from Java to JavaScript.

Beads.js currently only uses the Mozilla Audio Data API, available in Firefox 4, for generating sound. Later on it may support other browsers with a Flash or Java audio engine.


The current development code of Beads.js is available in a Mercurial repository; go to for that.

The code can also be tested directly online here.


To view (or rather, to listen to) examples of Beads.js, you will need a recent build of Firefox 4 (Beta 5 or later or a nightly build after the 26th of August). Having Firebug is also recommended.

Beads.js is also not stable yet; it is possible that some examples may break from time to time. Also it is not yet rock-solid. If the system has much other activity running on it audio output may be choppy for more complex examples.

Examples are available here.